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Let Me Advertise: The End of Advertisements!

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TV ratings have dropped again. Is there any real wonder why? I mean unless you work for an advertising firm, you most likely are annoyed by advertisements.

Now, TV ratings see double-digit declines for the fifth straight month.

The numbers underscore the rapid changes in how TV viewers are consuming content.

Americans are increasingly watching TV shows on Netflix, Hulu, Amazon streaming and other services. Some 40 percent of households now have subscription video service, Nielsen reported earlier this week.

Those same services are flexing their muscle and competing for content. Yahoo, Amazon and Hulu are among the bidders for the streaming rights to “Seinfeld” episodes, reported Friday.

I believe that we are seeing the natural course of things to come. If you are paying for content you shouldn't be forced into to watching commercials. Things were different in the on-air TV days. Adds made sense because that's how the content providers payed for production of TV shows. But now that's all changed.

Advertisements are annoying and most of the time insult the intelligence of those watching them. Think about Redbox; does anyone really want to watch all of those previews, or would they want to watch what they paid for, not what someone wants them to spend money on in the future.

Marketing is based on trying to figure out what the market wants, so you can target them (Target Marketing) and push the add data to them. There's a problem with that theory. It only works in a static environment, once you move into the real world you introduce all sorts of problems for target marketing. Namely that people don't like it, most people don't like adds that follow them, or seem to be reading their minds. It's creepy because it shows how much of your personal data you have made available to total strangers. Keep in mind that companies are loosing data at alarming rates do to hacking or other data mishaps.

I don't presume to know the future, but this is why I thought that Facebook stock was over priced way back in the beginning, because people are moving away from adds --even if they have to pay for it.

If you ask me marketing is dying, and there isn't really any way to bring it back. At least not until something really drastic happens.

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