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Voter Fraud Doesn't Exist, Remember...

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This is probably one of the most ridiculous cases I've heard of. In Texas, the democrat party is sending out ballets to people who are known to be illegal, in the hopes that they will fill them out and mail them in!?

This illustrates how desperate the democrats have become. Right now everything is going well for Trump. Capitalism is working, the markets are up, people are investing in America, things economically are looking great.

The current economic situation is in stark contrast to what the democrats claimed would happen if Trump were elected. Reality is catching up. Democrats are in serious trouble.

Voter fraud is nothing new. I was watching an old Woody Woodpecker cartoon a while back, the cartoon was from April 1, 1945! There was a taxidermy office with a sign that read, "We stuff anything - Olives, Dates, BALLOT BOXES, Etc." Vote and vote often, that's the phrase that comes to mind.

I really hope that this gets more press. I also hope that they can get the people behind this. The whole Russian narrative about Trump is false. This is REAL election meddling!

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