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Will the long knives come out for Jill Biden?

Permalink 07/01/24 18:11, by OGRE / (Jeff), Categories: Welcome, News, Background, History, Politics, U.S. Economy, Elections
Voter confidence in Joe Biden has gone down sharply following this first debate. It was Peter Strzok (Peter Struck/Stroke) who said, “Just went to a Southern Virginia Walmart. I could smell the Trump support.” more »
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Electric Vehicles Have Turned Out to Be High Priced Toys

Permalink 04/28/24 00:41, by OGRE / (Jeff), Categories: Welcome, News, Background, In real life, On the web, Politics, U.S. Economy
EVs (Electric Vehicles) were advertised as a replacement for standard automobiles. And that's the entire problem. We've Got To Get These EVs Out There! EVs were advertised as the greatest thing since sliced bread, and many people believed that… more »
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Let's Face The Truth Head-on

Permalink 04/15/24 20:56, by OGRE / (Jeff), Categories: Welcome, News, Background, In real life, On the web, Politics, U.S. Economy
The WHO isn't going to stop, andThe WHO also has a system to determine, "which diseases pose the greatest public health risk due to their epidemic potential and/or whether there is no or insufficient countermeasures." The list was first published i… more »
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Cleaning Your Vehicle's Throttle Plate is Easier Than You Thought

Permalink 03/25/24 19:25, by OGRE / (Jeff), Categories: Welcome, Background, In real life, On the web, History, U.S. Economy
I like to cover a large range of topics, only most of the time, they tend to be rather political in nature. However, this one is not. A little history first. I worked on cars for about 10 years before I went into a completely different industry. Duri… more »
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Is A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) Coming for Your Job?

Permalink 03/03/24 12:17, by OGRE / (Jeff), Categories: Welcome, News, Background, In real life, History, Politics, Strange_News, U.S. Economy
A Little History I'll start with a little backstory. I grew up in Jacksonville Florida. Here in Jacksonville during the 90s and into the early 2000s, Jacksonville had a large population of people with face tattoos. These people would frequent places… more »
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