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I Wonder When Obama Will Find Out That He's President?

Permalink 10/29/13 18:58, by OGRE / (Jeff), Categories: Welcome, News, Background, In real life, On the web, Politics, Health Care, U.S. Economy, Elections

It seems that every time something unfortunate happens Obama finds out at the same time that the public does. He didn't know anything about Benghazi, he didn't know about the IRS targeting of Tea Party groups, he didn't know that the Attorney General was running Fast and Furious. I just want to know when Obama finds out that he's President!

Now he claims that he didn't know that when he said numerous times, that you can keep your doctor and your current health insurance under my plan --even when this has been contradicted from the beginning by the "Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act," --Obama's plan. ObamaCare is rightfully named. Obama constantly referred to it as "his plan."

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