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Obama Admits He Wants Higher Taxes for EVERYONE

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Obama wants your money, and he wants it NOW!
Obama wants your money, and he wants it NOW!

All the talk about 1% or 2% is just sophistry. Obama and the Democrats want everybody's taxes to go up in the end. You have to get to the end of Obama speeches before you actually hear the truth come out. Obama knows that people pay more attention to the headline than the actual body of the speech. Take a look at this excerpt from his speech on 12/06/12.

So I’m encouraged to see that there’s been some discussion on the part of Republicans acknowledging the need for additional revenue. As I’ve indicated, the only way to get the kind of revenue for a balanced deficit reduction plan is to make sure that we’re also modestly increasing rates for people who can afford it -- folks like me. For folks who are in the top 2 percent, we can afford to have a modest rate increase. That allows us to not only reduce our deficit in a balanced, responsible way, it also allows us to make investments in education, in making college affordable, in putting folks back to work, and investing in basic research that’s important for our economy.

And I think we all recognize that there are some smart cuts we’ve got to make in government. We’re going to have to strengthen our entitlement programs so that they’re there for future generations. Everybody is going to have to share in some sacrifice, but it starts with folks who are in the best position to sacrifice, who are in the best position to do a little bit more to step up. And that’s what my plan does.

So just to be clear, I’m not going to sign any package that somehow prevents the top rate from going up for folks at the top 2 percent. But I do remain optimistic that we can get something done that is good for families like this one’s and that is good for the American economy. All right. Thank you very much, everybody.

So, "Everybody is going to have to share in some sacrifice, but it 'starts' with the top 2%." I wonder where it goes from there?

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