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House passes climate bill...

Permalink 06/27/09 04:56, by OGRE / (Jeff), Categories: Welcome, News, In real life, On the web
Now we know who to vote out in 2010! Are you ready for an increase of up to 3000.00 dollars a year for your power bill? This is not what people think it is. check out the link bellow.… more »
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China's central bank still wants to replace the US Dollar!

Permalink 06/27/09 04:53, by OGRE / (Jeff), Categories: News, In real life, On the web
More good news coming out of China! The report from the People's Bank of China (PBOC) said a "super-sovereign" currency should take its place. Central bank chief Zhou Xiaochuan has loudly led ca… more »
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Say goodbye to analogue television :(

Permalink 06/12/09 11:45, by OGRE / (Jeff), Categories: Welcome, News, Fun, In real life, On the web
Today is a sad day, as we say goodbye to Rabbit Ears. For nearly 100 years analogue television was the standard. Now analogue is considered outdated. I remember when that was the only way to get television. There was always that kid down the street w… more »
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Just a thought...

Permalink 06/11/09 15:10, by OGRE / (Jeff), Categories: Welcome, News, In real life, On the web
I was thinking the other day; if there were some way to raise awareness, as to the impact of taxes on gasoline prices. I have come up with an answer. Wouldn’t it be nice if instead of only seeing the total cost of the fuel with tax included; we could… more »
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More Czars are on the horizon...

Permalink 06/05/09 16:35, by OGRE / (Jeff), Categories: Welcome, News, In real life, On the web WASHINGTON -- The Obama administration plans to appoint a "Special Master for Compensation" to ensure that companies receiving federal bailout funds are abiding by executive-pay guidelines, ac… more »
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I believe that for the United States of America to survive, we will have to get back to our roots.


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