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Conspiracy Theorist's Advocate 2

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Lets face it, things just aren't right.

Lately conspiracy theories have become working theories with astounding frequency. That's not a good thing.

Does infection-acquired immunity outperform vaccines?

The immunity generated from an infection was found to be “at least as high, if not higher” than that provided by two doses of an mRNA vaccine, the authors wrote.

While Murray and Wachter agreed that vaccination remains the safest route, having a past Covid infection should at least be considered in policymaking decisions going forward, such as vaccination requirements, they said.

“What Europe did with this evidence made a lot of sense, which is where evidence of past infection was seen as essentially equal to vaccination in terms of requirements to go into events or for employment,” Murray said.

At the very least, he added, officials should accept that evidence of recent infection is equivalent to vaccination.

Notably, the immunity acquired from infection did appear to wane more slowly than the immunity from two doses of an mRNA vaccine.

What does this mean? It means that all of those people who were singled out for not getting the COVID-19 vaccine because they already tested positive and recovered -- were right and should have been left alone. Think of all the people's lives that were turned upside down simply because they didn't follow a government dictate. There were families that were torn apart over the issue of vaccines. I personally took steps to insure that my wife would no longer have to work. In truth, the government response to COVID-19 was orders of magnitude worse than COVID-19 itself.

Not only that, because of the Twitter Files releases, we know that the government was working to suppress the information found in the article above -- for two years! The government was aware all along that natural infection was better than vaccination. But at every turn the government and its associated "public health officials" lied, and misrepresented data, to insure that the most people possible were vaccinated.

The CDC's own infection fatality ratios from 2020 showed very early on that COVID-19 was no more deadly than the Flu.

In order to get the percentages representative of the number of people who were infected and survived, just multiply the Infection Fatality Ratio by 100 to make it a percentage, then subtract the value from 100. You can do the math in a spreadsheet and you end up with:

= 100 - (Fatality Ratio*100)

This should not be forgotten. Our own government has done more to damage the US people in general and the economy than any foreign enemy could ever hope to do. The question is why?

Let's continue.

EAST PALESTINE, Ohio (WKBN) – The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency sent a letter to Norfolk Southern claiming it failed to properly dispose of contaminated soil after the train derailment in East Palestine.

According to the letter, “Five railcar tankers of vinyl chloride were intentionally breached; the vinyl chloride was diverted to an excavated trench and then burned off. Areas of contaminated soil and free liquids were observed and potentially covered and/or filled during reconstruction of the rail line including portions of the trench /burn pit that was used for the open burn off of vinyl chloride.”

“I think it was not in the best interest of human health and welfare and the environment to simply cover it up and keep going without at least a preliminary evaluation to determine if the level of vinyl chloride that was present in the soil was going to create a potential contamination threat to surface or groundwater,” said Dr. Julie Weatherington-Rice who has a Ph.D. in soil science and has been working for Bennett & Williams Environmental Consultants since 1986.

Why was Norfolk Southern just covering up toxic chemicals -- before the EPA was on the scene? I would think that this kind of action would lead to serious fines, if not put individuals with Norfolk Southern at serious legal liability. Executives at Norfolk Southern had to know that nothing of consequence would come from their actions. How they knew that, I'm unaware, but it's certain that there was little concern on the part of Norfolk Southern executives as it relates to burying toxic chemicals.

A former EPA official weighs in on the East Palestine accident on PBS.

MEIBURG: Well, there are a couple of things. One is I will be specifically watching for continued monitoring, not because I think there's going to be much new information from it, but it's important to do that to reassure people that, in fact, you're continuing to watch. Secondly, there'll be continued sampling, especially water sampling and groundwater sampling, to see if there is any long-term contamination in groundwater or soils around the site of the accident. So those are two things that I would watch for.

Considering the US government's recent track record, I can't ignore how badly things have gone. And it's not just these two incidents. There are many incidents that have occurred over the last few years, here are (7) that come to mind.

1. Tyrannical COVID-19 Mandates
2. Border Crisis / Open Border
3. Deadly Afghanistan Withdrawal
4. Energy Dependence
5. Crime Surging
6. Rising Inflation
7. War on Parents and Americans in general

All of the things I listed above have resulted from policy changes -- at the onset of the Biden regime. These are also all outcomes that were completely predictable.

It's not that government officials are incompetent -- but this might all be on purpose. Why would anyone want to feign incompetence? I believe I might have the answer.

Consider, if the majority of Americans lose faith in the federal government's ability to function, on nearly all levels, who are they going to blame? The media is going to try and pin most of this on Trump, the illogical nature of such accusations are irrelevant. The idea is to make it known to the general public that the US government's most important agencies have failed on multiple levels. The CDC failed with COVID-19, while the European nations did better under the direction of the WHO (World Health Organization). Couple all of this with the Biden regime handing over control of the US Public Health apparatus to the WHO, and you have a seriously strange situation.

Could it be that US government agencies will prove to be untrustworthy, and incompetent? I believe that's precisely the point of this exercise. The idea being that the US government's agencies need to be replaced by a much more "diverse global government" that's not corrupt and incompetent. Why else drive every US agency straight into the ground, while simultaneously dissolving US sovereignty through globalized health directives?

If you have a better argument, let me hear it.

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