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Editorial: Ketanji Brown Jackson's unflappable brilliance seals the deal. Confirm her swiftly

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This has to be one of the most ridiculous pieces I've read in a while.

Americans who followed the four-day confirmation hearing for Supreme Court nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson last week were treated to a rare display of brilliance, principle and unflappability that demonstrate her fitness, to say the very least, to sit on the nation’s high court. The next step should be obvious and simple. Jackson should be confirmed without delay.

The nominee was forbearing and masterful in responding to the series of non sequiturs hurled at her during long days of questioning by a handful of strutting, preening Republican senators more concerned with the coming midterm elections and their social media mentions than with determining whether Jackson has the integrity and the intellect needed in a Supreme Court justice. Her testimony showed that she does, and her straightforward responses to questions about irrelevant political and policy matters showed the remarkable measure of both knowledge and patience that enabled her to be such a capable trial judge.

No current justice besides Sonia Sotomayor has served as a trial judge, leaving the court nearly bereft of an essential perspective on the judicial system's keystone element.

In many other ways, Jackson's experience is much like the justices she will be joining. She earned her law degree from Harvard, as did four of the current justices (four others got theirs from Yale). She clerked for a prior Supreme Court justice, as did five of the sitting justices. She worked for elite law firms and served as an appellate court judge.

This piece doesn't "read" like an editorial, it reads like someone did a copy and paste job from a "free resume" website.

It contains zero substance, and is designed to make the reader believe that when Ketanji Brown Jackson was questioned that she answered brilliantly. Not only that, but that she was asked irrelevant questions, because Republicans are worried about the midterms. Democrats are not concerned about the midterms, while their approval ratings continue to drop? That's what the article would suggest.

That's all you see, what I quoted above, unless you click a link to continue reading. How many people are going to click to continue reading? I'll give you a hint, not many. There's no substance in the first few paragraphs, why would anyone assume that there would be any additional substance in the rest of the article?

This "editorial" was specifically designed to put the idea in people's heads that Ketanji Brown Jackson is brilliant, and no further investigation is needed.

Ketanji Brown Jackson would be a horrible pick for the SCOTUS. The most obvious reason she should not sit on the SCOTUS is simple; the people who appointed KBJ wanted to use the federal government to force private businesses to comply with illegal mandates. Specifically mandates that required employees (belonging to companies with more than 100 employees) to take an experimental vaccine.

We know that the Biden regime wants to force vaccinations, and they went to court to fight for the right to use the federal government to force people to take experimental vaccines. Why would the Biden regime appoint a SCOTUS judge, who wouldn't support their agenda?

Nobody bets against themselves...

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