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Who Made Who? The LAM's (Legacy American Media) failure to stick to narrative.

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There is a new variant in town. And the messaging behind it is anyone's guess depending on the day. Many people would consider this to be incompetence, but I have a different view of things.

In this news article there is a discussion about reporting surrounding the Delta Variant and the media's handling of the issue. The odd thing is that they are not talking about saving lives, or discussing ways to mitigate outbreaks. Instead, they are discussing how to "handle" the public's perception of what's going on.

The White House is frustrated with what it views as alarmist, and in some instances flat-out misleading, news coverage about the Delta variant. That's according to two senior Biden administration officials I spoke with Friday, both of whom requested anonymity to candidly offer their opinion on coverage of the CDC data released that suggests vaccinated Americans who become infected with the Delta coronavirus variant can infect others as easily as those who are unvaccinated.

The White House is worried about the way things are being reported. Meaning that they don't want people knowing what the CDC data reveals.

Here's Fauci on Face The Nation telling everyone that vaccinated people can spread the virus as easily as unvaccinated people.

I find it interesting that the CDC tries to tackle this issue from the standpoint of, "The vaccine is effective, more than it is not effective." That's pretty much their current selling point. It's not that it will save you, or anyone, but it might make things slightly better, and might make the spread slightly slower. The other thing to notice is that everything is referenced from the number of vaccinated vs. unvaccinated individuals. Those who have contracted and recovered from the virus are never mentioned. Why might that be?

"The media's coverage doesn't match the moment," one of the Biden officials told me. "It has been hyperbolic and frankly irresponsible in a way that hardens vaccine hesitancy. The biggest problem we have is unvaccinated people getting and spreading the virus."

There are two things going on here. First the use of the phrasing "doesn't match the moment" are they following a script? Who talks like this? Second, there is no way to know what percentage of the unvaccinated are spreading anything. They have themselves admitted that people who have been vaccinated can also spread the disease. In other words, how many of the unvaccinated have already contracted and recovered from the virus? They aren't testing people for antibodies, why not? Why don't they prove what they are claiming, it can be done?

The worry about this line of messaging from major media sources worried officials so much, I'm told, that they reached out to several major news organizations with the aim of getting them to dial back the coverage...

This is very troubling. The Biden administration reached out to news organizations and told them to, "dial back the coverage?" This is a very important distinction. They aren't claiming that what was reported is false, but that it might drive people away from getting vaccinated, so it should not be reported. It sounds like the Biden administration needs to control the flow of information in order to get people vaccinated. I thought we were in a Pandemic, where people were dying by the truck load and vaccination was the only way to save us.

The Washington Post ran a headline that read, "CDC study shows three-fourths of people infected in Massachusetts covid-19 outbreak were vaccinated." As Matthew Gertz commented, "Please don't do this. Provincetown has one of the highest vaccination rates in the country. As vaccination rates increase the percentage of cases that are in vaccinated people NECESSARILY increases." The Post's headline was later updated to note that in the outbreak "few required hospitalization."

The whole point of the vaccine was to reduce the spread. At least that's what they were claiming in the beginning. Now the Biden administration is putting out a directive admitting that those areas with the highest vaccination rates are also seeing a higher number of infections, but the hospitalizations are lower. Now the vaccines have been knocked all the way down to "reduce hospitalizations."

News orgs aren't the only ones to blame

I also called up Dr. Leana Wen, a CNN medical analyst and former Baltimore health commissioner, who agreed that the media is "missing the big picture, but so is the CDC." Wen explained that the CDC said it was changing its mask guidance because of the new data regarding rare instances in which a vaccinated person becomes infected and can then spread the virus. "They got it wrong," she said. "The reason why the guidance is changing is that Covid-19 is spreading really quickly, Delta is a big problem, and the reason for the spread is because of the unvaccinated." Wen said the primary reason the CDC needed to change its mask guidance is because the honor system wasn't working. In other words, people who were not vaccinated were acting as if they were and not wearing masks or following other basic safety protocols...

Let's check out Dr. Leana Wen's Bio on Wikipedia.

Isn't it convenient that they fail to mention what Dr. Leana Wen is most known for? Dr. Leana Wen was the head of Planned Parenthood. I think it goes without saying, that someone who fights for the rights of people to euthanize their own children, is not exactly the best spokesperson for saving everyone through vaccination.

The moral of the story is; once you lie to a point, there's no way to walk back the lies. As Dan Cummins (the comedian) would say, "They’ll endlessly invent new lies, to cover up the previous lies, because reality is not an issue in their heads."

The Biden administration is loosing control of the narrative. Their endless stream of lies is catching up with them. They don't have an information problem. They have a problem telling the truth. If they were truthful from the beginning, they wouldn't be in the situation they're in now.

People are hesitant to take the vaccines because even if they don't have all the data, they still can sense when someone is lying to them.

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