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My Dire Predictions

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While I always hate to be the bearer of bad news, I don't think that there's any way out of the current situation. Historically, whenever a republic has fallen to tyranny, it has never been able to rebound from it.

Here's what I believe we're looking at right now.

There are many theories over the years on how to destroy the United States of America. Most were thought up by foreign adversaries, like the Chinese, some were though up by citizens. No matter the case, we are seeing a large number of these strategies being enacted right now. I'll list a few and let you take from it what you will.

First we'll start with the Chinese. The Chinese have figured out the easiest way to defeat the U.S. It's subversive, so as to elude most people's senses. Plus getting cheaper products on Amazon keeps most people mesmerized.

A leading Chinese professor—who is also an adviser to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)—laid out a comprehensive plan for the communist regime to overthrow the United States as the world’s superpower.

The professor’s multi-pronged strategy involves a range of malign actions to subvert the United States while strengthening the Chinese regime. They include: interfering in U.S. elections, controlling the American market, cultivating global enemies to challenge the United States, stealing American technology, expanding Chinese territory, and influencing international organizations.

Jin suggested that the CCP should interfere in U.S. elections to bring pro-Beijing candidates to power. He singled out races for seats in the House of Representatives as an easy target.

“The Chinese government wants to arrange Chinese investments in every single congressional district to control thousands of voters in each district,” Jin said.

“The best scenario is China can buy the United States, and change the U.S. House of Representatives into the second Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress,” he said, referring to the committee that oversees the CCP’s rubber-stamp legislature.

He said the Chinese regime wants Chinese business people to control the U.S. market, and also for them to develop their businesses in the country.

To reach this goal, the Chinese regime had tried to negotiate with Washington for the U.S.-China Bilateral Investment Treaty (BIT). The agreement was actively negotiated for the decade prior to 2017, but fell off the agenda during President Donald Trump’s administration.

Some U.S. companies wishing to enter the Chinese market, and the U.S.-China Business Council have advocated for the signing of a BIT.

The professor admitted that the CCP has depended on stolen American technology to fuel its growth.

In June 2016, China’s Long March 7 rocket sent an orbital debris clean-up satellite Aolong-1 to space. Beijing claimed that Aolong-1 only brought space debris back to earth, but Jin suggested the satellite had another mission.

“The U.S. said that [Aolong-1] was collecting American satellites [from the space], and bringing them back to China,” Jin said. “We can disassemble [the American] satellites and reassemble them into Chinese ones.”

Jin also explained the CCP’s plan to exert greater influence over global bodies such as the United Nations, the World Trade Organization, the World Health Organization, Interpol, the International Monetary Fund, the International Olympic Committee, and the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development.

The Chinese regime’s goal is for “all these international organizations to be controlled by China. We can appoint someone who speaks Chinese [who represents China] to be its leaders,” Jin said.

“No matter how much power you have, it’s nothing if you don’t dare to use it,” Jin said. “Chairman Xi dares to use it. [Xi’s authorities] have the power, dare to use that power, and all of its attacks make the other party bleed.”

Xi’s ambitions, however, cannot be revealed to the outside world, the professor said.

It would appear from the information above that the Chinese have a pretty good plan on how to knock the U.S. down to the number (2) position globally. I think they are succeeding. We know that Joe Biden is beholden to the Chinese, by way of his family connections. We know that the World Health Organization is compromised, because their investigators are Chinese paid.

World Health Organization COVID-19 investigator Peter Daszak has worked on over 20 research endeavors that list “affiliations” with Chinese Communist Party-linked entities, including studies funded by the Chinese government and co-authored by military-linked researchers, The National Pulse can exclusively reveal.

The global media has unquestioningly hosted Daszak, his Chinese Communist-aligned talking points, and failed to inform viewers and readers of his multiple conflicts of interest. Daszak has donated to Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton, and blasted critics of the Chinese Communist Party.

So far I've only listed the things that the Chinese are obviously connected to. But what about the other things that have been going on?

If you don't know by now, there's a crisis on the southern border. Joe Biden wrote executive orders undoing all of the measures put in place by the Trump administration. As a direct result, there has been a migrant flood at the border. There has also been a media blackout along the southern border by way of the administration's requirement for Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) to clear all statements through the administration, before going to the press. Also they are keeping the press from taking video along the border and in the areas where they are processing the migrants. This is all by design.

One of the ways to keep the U.S. distracted is to have many crises on many fronts. In fact there is a well planned strategy for this sort of weakening of the U.S. It's called the Cloward-Piven Strategy.

In order to generate a crisis, the poor must obtain benefits which they have forfeited. Until now, they have been inhibited from asserting claims by self-protective devices within the welfare system: its capacity to limit information, to intimidate applicants, to demoralize recipients, and arbitrarily to deny lawful claims.

Ignorance of welfare rights can be attacked through a massive educational campaign Brochures describing benefits in simple, clear language, and urging people to seek their full entitlements, should be distributed door to door in tenements and public housing projects, and deposited in stores, schools, churches and civic centers. Advertisements should be placed in newspapers; spot announcements should be made on radio. Leaders of social, religious, fraternal and political groups in the slums should also be enlisted to recruit the eligible to the rolls. The fact that the campaign is intended to inform people of their legal rights under a government program, that it is a civic education drive, will lend it legitimacy.

But whether they participate or not, they constitute a growing network of resources to which people can be referred for help in
*In public statements, it would be important to distinguish between the Income distributing function of public welfare, which should be replaced by new federal measures, and many other welfare functions, such as foster care and adoption services for children, which are not at issue in this strategy
establishing and maintaining entitlements. In the final analysis, it does not matter who helps people to get on the rolls or to get additional entitlements, so long as the job is done.

Movements that depend on involving masses of poor people have generally failed in America. Why would the proposed strategy to engage the poor succeed?

First, this plan promises immediate economic benefits. This is a point of some importance because, whereas America’s poor have not been moved in any number by radical political ideologies, they have sometimes been moved by their economic interests.

The ultimate aim of this strategy is a new program for direct income distribution. What reason is there to expect that the federal government will enact such legislation in response to a crisis in the welfare system?

We ordinarily think of major legislation as taking form only through established electoral processes We tend to overlook the force of crisis in precipitating legislative reform, partly because we lack a theoretical framework by which to understand the impact of major disruptions.

By crisis, we mean a publicly visible disruption in some institutional sphere. Crisis can occur spontaneously (e.g., riots) or as the intended result of tactics of demonstration and protest which either generate institutional disruption or bring unrecognized disruption to public attention. Public trouble is a political liability, it calls for action by political leaders to stabilize the situation. Because crisis usually creates or exposes conflict, it threatens to produce cleavages in a political consensus which politicians will ordinarily act to avert.

Basically the Cloward-Piven Strategy is to overwhelm the system by means of a "manufactured crisis" and usher in socialism. The crisis at the border is indeed a real crisis, but it's one that could have been avoided by leaving Trump's border policies in place.

Now you know the exact reason that Biden's executive orders did the exact opposite of what the Trump orders did. Guaranteed manufactured crisis.

If you paid any attention to Joe Biden's speech on Thursday 03-25-21, you might have noticed that he admitted that if they cannot get their agenda passed through the Senate, they will do whatever they have to. If Biden is good for one thing, it's telling the truth when it doesn't suit his agenda.

“I want to get things done. I want to get them done consistent with what we promised the American people, and in order to do that, in a 50-50 Senate, we’ve got to get to the place where I’ve got 50 votes so the Vice President of the United States can break the tie, or I get 51 votes without her,” the president said.

Biden has appointed the wife one of the Republican holdouts (Joe Manchin) when it comes to removing the filibuster.

Biden's plan to get rid of the filibuster will result in the passing of HR1, which will make all of the things that happened in the 2020 election legal. ALL OF THEM. Basically we will be guaranteed one party rule, because no more conservatives will ever hold federal office again. There will be one party in control of elections in the country.

This ABC News article from September 22, 2020 explains a lot of the changes the activists were able to get through.

Thanks to legal challenges from voting rights advocates, some states that typically require ballots to be received by polls closing time will accept ballots postmarked by Election Day for the 2020 election.

In the three "Blue Wall" states the president won in 2016 -- Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin -- judges have recently issued rulings that extend the deadline for mail ballots to be received.

In Michigan, a court of claims judge ordered clerks to accept ballots that are postmarked by Nov. 2 and received within 14 days of the election, the deadline for results to be certified. These ballots have to be counted as provisional ballots. In Wisconsin, a U.S. district judge ruled that ballots postmarked by Nov. 3 can be counted as long as they are received by Nov. 9. And in Pennsylvania, not only will mailed ballots that are postmarked on or before 8 p.m. on Election Day and received by 5 p.m. the Friday after it be counted, due to a ruling from the state Supreme Court, but any ballots that arrive within that time frame without a postmark, or with an unreadable postmark, will be presumed to have been sent before the cutoff point, unless evidence indicates otherwise.

In Minnesota, ballots postmarked by Election Day and received within a week after the election will be counted. Both Massachusetts and Kentucky are allowing postmarked ballots received by Nov. 6 to be counted. In New Jersey, ballots received by 8 p.m. on Nov. 10 will be counted if they are postmarked on or before Nov. 3, but additionally, ballots without a postmark due to a postal error will be counted as well if they are received by 8 p.m. on Nov. 5.

In Georgia, a federal judge ruled that ballots postmarked by Election Day will count if election officials get them by the third day after the election, but the secretary of state, the Republican National Committee and the Georgia Republican Party are challenging this order in court. The RNC and Georgia GOP are arguing the ruling only applies to 17 counties that were "cherry picked" to be advantageous to Democrats. The judge's order extending the deadline doesn't specifically state it applies statewide, but it does order that those under Raffensperger's "supervision, direction, or control shall accept and count otherwise valid absentee ballots from qualified voters" that meet the postmark requirement and arrive by Nov. 6.

Everything was hinging on the postmark date of the mail-in ballots. But none of that mattered, when they were allowed to count them irrespective of the postmark date.

Pennsylvania effectively did away with any and all verification on mail-in ballots, "...ballots that arrive without a postmark, or with an unreadable postmark, will be presumed to have been sent before the cutoff point, unless evidence indicates otherwise." People could just produce as many ballots as needed without postmarks and they, "will be presumed to have been sent before the cutoff point." Do I need to point out how absurd this is?

It is also worth mentioning that the requirements to recall most state and local elected officials, require a much more secure process be followed. Think about that for a minute, it's easy to cheat and get into office, but when the public determines that there's a real need to remove someone from office, that process is REALLY well guarded.

I believe the added security at The Capitol is because Democrats plan to implement changes that the vast majority of the American people will be opposed to. They are worried that there might be a real insurrection.

How many Democrat voters really thought that the Biden administration was literally going to open the border? The vast majority of Democrat voters that I've run into, don't believe that the politicians they vote for will actually go through with all of the leftist policies they run on. Most Democrat voters figure it's pandering, and when their candidate gets in office they will "govern from the center." Democrat voters have been lulled to sleep by liberal politicians, but these aren't liberals, they are leftists.

Governing from the center is never the goal of these leftists. Tyranny is the goal of leftists.

I'm worried that we might not be able to recover from this.

What do you think?

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