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The Plan All Along...

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When looking at the current state of things, I think that Obama's / The Democrat's plan is all the more visible. For starters you have the FBI stating that they are investigating claims that Trump, or people within his administration have ties to the Russians, but they aren't survielling them by electronic means? Are they holding a glass to the door at opportune times?

This wreaks of the left's planning on such issues. Obama leaves office, but just before he does, he leaves directives to have his appointed people leave all these bread crumbs behind. Then as if like magic, the goofy claims of Trump and the Russians come to the surface during the presidential debate, raised by Hillary herself, which DID, directly benefit from Russian dealings.

I smell a rat. You know this is illegitimate, because it's part of a media narrative, that's all you need to know. When the media keeps trumpeting something, it's a lie. That's how propaganda works. Case in point.

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