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The "Fiscal Cliff" is Fabricated

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Thelma and Louise Going Forward
Thelma and Louise Going Forward

What if America has been driven over the cliff on purpose. We are in the air right now, the question is for how long. In order to answer the question you have to determine who it will benefit the most and why.

The Obama administration is looking for a way to blame things on the Republicans. The Obama administration is looking for a way to hide the negative effects of Obamacare. Going over the cliff accomplishes all of this while Democrats get everything they've been asking for. Tax increases across the board (not just on those making more than $200,000) military cuts and the Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT) will still be in the tax code --one of the Democrats most powerful weapons.

Here is my argument for why I think we should go over the cliff now. Democrats have been running for years on higher taxes (for those making more than $200,000) and more spending, which they refer to as "investment". If we go over the cliff there will be higher taxes on everyone, not just the "rich". What will that accomplish? I believe it will force the truth to the surface. There isn't enough money to fund the government period --even with everybody's taxes going higher! There never was; it's the same thing that happened to so many state, county and city governments. Governments made more promises than there was funding for. The money was never there, only local governments can't print their own money the federal government can.

As long as the Democrats can get Republicans to keep folding and raising the debt limit, this will never end. The Fiscal Cliff is only the beginning. The Democrats are purposely creating the largest economic bubble the world has ever seen. Only the very rich will be able to deal with this kind of economic shrinkage easily.

Then the questions start. Why would anyone do this? If Obama is so brilliant, why didn't he foresee the Republicans standing their ground and have another plan that would help to keep the economic pressure from reaching those he claims to care about? Why isn't Obama dealing to save the middle class?

The real answer is that Obama and the Democrats have wanted this for a long time, don't kid yourself.

I think we need to do this now, before the bubble gets any bigger! It's going to happen sooner or later anyway because as I explained earlier; there isn't enough money to keep up with current spending rates.

I say let it all go now, and disarm every argument the Democrats have made. Once everyone's taxes are increased and there still isn't enough revenue --what will be the next Democrat solution? So far the only argument they've had is tax increases. If tax increases are the answer let them go up, raise them now and prove the Democrats wrong.

What do you think?

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Comment from: Jill Farrar [Visitor] Email
Jill FarrarThere is a lot of evidence that Obama and Dems do want this to happen. Sometimes, I too think we should just roll over and play dead. Give them what they want. Kill the economy. Run off the successful and hardworking, keep the mouchers and takers. Don't think the MSM will ever give Obama the blame for anything. This is why I am going to try to not contribute to the economy in any way in 2013.
12/04/12 @ 12:32

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