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There Is Something Sinister Happening, But Most Will Miss It.

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Terry Jones, the pastor who "says" he'll burn the Koran on 9/11 is getting much more than he expected. I'm not referring to all of the negative publicity from U.S. leaders, but that of leaders overseas. What's happening here should be noted.

The president of Indonesia, home of the world's largest Muslim population, called on the United States to ensure that no burnings took place.

"I continue to urge the government and the people of the United States to ensure the prevention of such an incomprehensible, irrational and immoral act," Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono said in a speech.

Both Muslim and Christian groups in Pakistan, another large mainly Muslim country, also denounced the planned action.

(Reporting by Ahmad Elham and Sayed Salahuddin; Additional reporting by Jakarta and Islamabad bureaux, Editing by Paul Tait and Ron Popeski)

We have a foreign leader saying that he wants the U.S. government to stop Terry Jones! Think about that for a minute. Where are the 1st Amendment Rights groups on this one?

I'm still wondering if the U.S. Constitution is going to be the law of the land? We DO NOT live in a theocracy. It would seem that the president of Indonesia doesn't understand our legal system, or is it that he doesn't care?

My point is that foreign leaders are starting to feel as if the U.S. government should play a direct role in whether or not Terry Jones gets to torch the Koran. These foreign leaders are not worried about what will happen in the United States or to the United States, they are worried about what will happen within their own countries.

That is the most telling part in all of this. Terry Jones is causing some in the world to take a second look at Islam.

When foreign leaders of majority Muslim populations are worried about violence in their country because 50 out of 300 million Americans get together to torch a book; you start to get the picture.

Why are some foreign leaders worried about violence when their countries are inhabited (primarily) with the followers of "The Religion of Peace"!?

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