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Gay Marriage Is Not A Problem, It's Happy Meals That We Should Be Worried About?

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Since when does the government ban foods? Since when does a free-market / free society put up with this sort of regulation?

This is over the top!

A bottled water ban? OK. No more regular Coke and Pepsi in government vending machines? All right, if we have to. But no more Happy Meals?

That's the ban that San Francisco is mulling over. Some city supervisors say the toys in McDonald's Happy Meals unfairly lure children to eat unhealthy food.

McDonald's has launched a spirited defense of the iconic meals, which have been part of the chain's menu since 1979, more than 30 years. The meals are a way to draw families to its restaurants, a key demographic for a global chain hungry for customers.

I suppose that the fat kids are unfairly luring their parents into giving them money so they can buy the Happy Meals.

I have a question. Who would vote to put anyone in office to collect tax payer money and make these completely useless decisions?

What do you think?

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