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Trying to Steal an Election (For Real!)

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This is unbelievable, but it's not when you consider the convictions of those who wish to "fundamentally transform America."

There is a movement to cancel the votes of million of people! This is real legitimate voter suppression. They are going to combine the electoral votes of multiple states based on nation wide popular vote. This is an underhanded way of removing the votes from less populous states. It's also a way of making sure that Democrats can win the next election. This is EVEN MORE troubling, because it's a way around The Constitution of The United States of America.

Each state's legislature determines how it's electors will be chosen and the rules by which they vote. But there's nothing in The Constitution to keep states from working together in this manor.

California Democrats have been cutting six-figure checks to promote the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact (NPV) in Colorado ahead of a referendum vote in the state next November.

The NPV would change how the Electoral College operates without amending the Constitution. It pledges a state's Electoral College votes to the candidate receiving the most votes nationwide in a presidential election.

Electoral College votes are awarded state-by-state, and most allocate them in a winner-take-all method to the single candidate receiving the most votes in that particular state.

States that have joined the NPV, however, would award their Electoral College votes to the candidate that wins the most votes nationwide.

For example, if Colorado voters favored the Republican candidate, but the Democratic candidate won the most votes when adding all the states in the compact together, Colorado's nine Electoral College votes would go to the Democrat.

The compact does not take effect until enough states and districts have adopted it that their combined Electoral College vote total surpasses 270, the number needed to win the presidency.

Democrats know that they have overstepped their bounds. They know that most people have seen through their impeachment charade. So, the next logical step is to cheat. To go around the Constitution, and find a way to get their person in office.

Remember, as Saul Alinsky once said, "They are passionately committed to a mystical objectivity where passions are suspect… They can be recognized by one of two verbals brands. “We agree with the ends but not the means” or “This is not the time.” The means-and-end moralists or non-doers always end up on their ends without any means." These people have the means!

It might not happen this time around, but with a little time, and court stacking, they'll most likely get their way.


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Truth Is Often Stranger Than Fiction...

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Right now the Democrats in the US House are trying to make people believe that Trump was involved in a grand conspiracy to win the 2016 election. But there are more than a few problems with the premise.

First of all, how would Trump be able to come up with all of this? Before knowing what was really going on? In other words, Trump was being investigated by the FBI long before there was even any mention of Trump Russia collusion. We know that there wasn't, Mueller proved that with his stumbling performance before congressional committees.

So for Trump to have thwarted all of the "evidence" in the Mueller Report, he would have to be the one behind his own investigation. Or, the obvious truth, there was never anything there. There was just a media driven push to make people think that there was something there. Remember how many times Adam Shiff said that he had absolute proof that Trump colluded with the Russians? Oh, but that was a lie.

So, that brings me to my next point. The US House Democrats are proceeding with a mock impeachment, based on a "whistle-blower" that has information on a phone call --second or third hand! Then Trump releases the phone call transcript, but there's nothing in the transcript that implicates Trump in anything. So, where does the investigation go from there?

This is like having a police officer follow you around every waking moment of the day --looking for you to do something wrong. That's absurd, and nobody would put up with that. The police are there to uphold the law --once it has been broken. When there is no evidence of the law having been broken, there is no investigation. That's what I believe is wrong with this whole thing. It's simply harassment at that point.

With this, we have a new issue arising as well. Nancy Pelosi is claiming that she can start impeachment proceedings without a vote from the full House of Representatives. Nancy Pelosi is NOT The House, she is a member of The House. If this is the case; any sitting president can be harassed without cause --period. How many Democrats would put up with this? We had Obama on tape! Obama told Medvedev to let Vladimir Putin know that he would have more flexibility after the election. That is REAL collusion documented on tape but nobody seemed to care about that.

All of the foreign governments officials know that this is a hoax, perpetuated by the Democrats, to get Trump out of office. The question is, how long will the other members of congress allow this to go on? Or, are they all sellouts?

The US economy is booming, unemployment is down across all demographics. The stock markets are reaching record highs. Things are looking up since Trump has been in office. But all the Democrats can do is try to get the guy that's done what they've promised to do for 30+ years, out of office.

THE BIGGEST THING THAT TRUMP HAS ACCOMPLISHED IS TO PROVE THAT THE POLITICIANS IN WASHINGTON ARE LARGELY FRAUDS! Trump has been able to turn things around in just a few years, when Washington politicians have been complaining, and promising to fix them for as long as I can remember. That's why he must go, and I believe that's why Republicans and Democrats would like to see him gone. The "Swamp" is flooded with politicians from both parties.

The Democrats, and Republicans, must be defeated in court if we are to preserve our republic. The only hope we have is that this will backfire, and the people behind the real crimes are imprisoned. There is no other way around this. The American public, and the rest of the world for that matter, will not take the US seriously while these types of games are played.

But that might be the plan. Democrats want to drastically transform America. What better way than to make the American public believe that the system is truly broken? Why, it must need to be drastically transformed right?

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Voter Fraud Doesn't Exist, Remember...

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This is probably one of the most ridiculous cases I've heard of. In Texas, the democrat party is sending out ballets to people who are known to be illegal, in the hopes that they will fill them out and mail them in!?

This illustrates how desperate the democrats have become. Right now everything is going well for Trump. Capitalism is working, the markets are up, people are investing in America, things economically are looking great.

The current economic situation is in stark contrast to what the democrats claimed would happen if Trump were elected. Reality is catching up. Democrats are in serious trouble.

Voter fraud is nothing new. I was watching an old Woody Woodpecker cartoon a while back, the cartoon was from April 1, 1945! There was a taxidermy office with a sign that read, "We stuff anything - Olives, Dates, BALLOT BOXES, Etc." Vote and vote often, that's the phrase that comes to mind.

I really hope that this gets more press. I also hope that they can get the people behind this. The whole Russian narrative about Trump is false. This is REAL election meddling!

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MIT Study Finds That Fake News Travels 6 Times Faster on Twitter, And I Didn’t Make That Up!

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In this Yahoo Finance article, they explain a little about this.

"No matter how you slice it, falsity wins out," said co-author Deb Roy, who runs MIT's Laboratory for Social Machines and is a former chief media scientist at Twitter.

Twitter funded the study but had no say in the outcome, according to the researchers.

The scientists calculated that the average false story takes about 10 hours to reach 1,500 Twitter users, versus about 60 hours for the truth. On average, false information reaches 35 percent more people than true news.

While true news stories almost never got retweeted to 1,000 people, the top 1 percent of the false ones got to as many as 100,000 people.

University of Pennsylvania communications professor Kathleen Hall Jamieson, a co-founder of, had problems with the way the study looked at true and false stories. The MIT team characterized a story's truth on a 1-to-5 scale, with 1 being completely false., Jamieson said, looks more at context and does not label something either true or false.

She also suggested that calling this bogus information "false stories" does not capture how malignant it is. She said it would "better be called viral deception. VD. And treated as analogous to venereal disease."

There are many reasons for this, namely because most false stories tend to be sensational. Sensationalism sells.

Let’s say for example that someone where you work were to start a rumor that the smallest weakest looking guy there claims to bench 300 pounds, now for this example we’ll assume that he can’t. The rumor/”false story” would spread quickly. It wouldn’t be long before someone would ask him, “Do you really think that anyone believes that you can bench 300 pounds?”

If I were to hear that story, I wouldn’t believe it. Why would someone claim something that is obviously not true? What would they have to gain from it? The short answer is nothing substantial. The most they could hope for would be to gather negative attention, however; the rumor could be potentially beneficial to the person who started it.

Let’s say the person with whom the rumor was directed, was up for a promotion. The silly rumor might make management think that the guy is not a reliable source of information. They might think, “If he’ll exaggerate about something like that; why would we believe him in an important business situation?”

It’s easy to see how this sort of thing can be damaging. It’s also easy to see how this sort of misinformation can be used to one’s advantage as well. Something not mentioned in the story is how most people believe the first thing they hear; it causes them to form an opinion at that point in time. Everyone knows, it’s always harder to change someone’s opinion. After all, that’s why they say first impressions are often the most important. That being the case, misinformation campaigns are often successful. Once the story is out, the opinion is formed.

Take the Michael Wolff book for example. Wolff all but admitted that most of the book is entirely fabricated. But because of the sensational nature of the book, the news ran with the story for multiple days. Those in the media had to know that the majority of the information in the book was simply not true. Wolff made sensational claims in the book, this was done with the intention of selling copies, because why? Sensationalism sells.

Those in the media who interviewed Wolff were aware at the time of the interview that Wolff was going beyond stretching the truth, but they reported on it anyway. They used language designed to make it look like they were interviewing Wolff, when they were actually trying to get that rumor out there. The headline would read “'Fire and Fury' author Michael Wolff: Trump may be having extramarital affair in White House.”

These sorts of headlines are designed to plant a seed. That way, when you hear something about Trump and an affair, you will remember having heard something about it before. It doesn’t matter whether or not it’s true, you’ve heard it before. You will probably hear it again and again. Once you hear it enough, you’ll start to believe it.

There’s another name for "viral deception," It’s called PROPAGANDA.

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The Plan All Along...

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When looking at the current state of things, I think that Obama's / The Democrat's plan is all the more visible. For starters you have the FBI stating that they are investigating claims that Trump, or people within his administration have ties to the Russians, but they aren't survielling them by electronic means? Are they holding a glass to the door at opportune times?

This wreaks of the left's planning on such issues. Obama leaves office, but just before he does, he leaves directives to have his appointed people leave all these bread crumbs behind. Then as if like magic, the goofy claims of Trump and the Russians come to the surface during the presidential debate, raised by Hillary herself, which DID, directly benefit from Russian dealings.

I smell a rat. You know this is illegitimate, because it's part of a media narrative, that's all you need to know. When the media keeps trumpeting something, it's a lie. That's how propaganda works. Case in point.

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