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List of Republicans Who Rolled Over For Biden

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Keep these names out there, ECHO this image, RT it, or whatever you need to, but keep it out there. These individuals can not be trusted to stand up for The United States of America. I don't normally call people out like this, but there is no way that these individuals, knowing what they know, think that the election was legitimate. They are either complicit, or they are frauds. Either way they don't need to be supported any longer.

Anyone who has seen the evidence of voter/election fraud knows that the 2020 election was not done legitimately.

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PBS Hides Links to Dominion Voting Systems Story

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I did a post about a video segment from PBS. The segment was first pointed out to me by Katrina Pierson @Katrina - Parler

I watched the segment where they basically said that the Dominion systems was not secure and riddled with security issues. And most importantly, Dominion systems could be manipulated without even hacking them.

The interesting thing is that now the story can't be found on the PBS website. But it gets better. There are still many links from 3rd party sites referencing the story, again the links won't work. So, I decided to go to the PBS website directly. I did a search for "Dominion" and that came up blank. I searched for 10/26/2020 which is the date of the story, as shown in the link path, but no PBS New Hour links show at all.

I sent an email to PBS to see if they will answer. Here is my email.


I noticed that an episode of PBS News Hour has been removed.

I watched this episode on 10/26/2020. It covered all the issues the state of Georgia had with the Dominion Voting Systems machines.

I linked to it from my website, but now any reference to the video is gone.

If I perform a search for it nothing shows up.

Is there another place where I can find that episode?

Why was it removed?



We'll see if they get back to me.

Here are some screen shots.

If you follow the link from DuckDuckGo: You'll see this.

After digging I found a link on PBS, but it's not under the same name. The whole episode for that date 10/26/2020 is missing. It now shows an error message, but it worked before without issue. Here's where the new link is buried. Note: You can't find this episode by searching PBS for "Dominion" or "Georgia Voting." But I can find it if I search for Georgia then filter by date, and go 4 pages ahead, then I can find it.

I don't think this was by accident.

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FREE Reader's Digest Copy of "The Road To Serfdom"

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I downloaded this copy of the condensed version of "The Road to Serfdom" years ago, and it was free. I can't seem to find it anywhere free right now, but if it was free then it should be free now, am I right!?

If you've never read the entire book "The Road to Serfdom" that's OK. This condensed version is about the best you'll find.

Pay close attention at the end. You'll find something very strange. You'll see a pamphlet "The Road to Serfdom In Cartoons."

Who paid for it will really blow your mind! It says, "Reproduced from a booklet published by General Motors, Detroit, in the ‘Thought Starter’ series (no. 118)"

Please share this with as many people as you can! This needs to be out there again. With people trying to rewrite history, or schools simply not teaching history at all, this kind of literature is needed now more than ever!

So here is the link to, The Reader’s Digest condensed version of "The Road to Serfdom."

It's a Microsoft OneDrive link.!AkQkP7_1dDDikEcaDAaJe5cmPdW3?e=y0ljjl

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Dominion Voting Systems, Were They Insecure on Purpose?

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When reading this keep in mind this only concerns Georgia.

Why would there be an issue with candidates for Senate when the system was already validated? It’s just a list of names.

Why did the validated systems mess up right before the election, requiring a software patch to correct the issue. Which required Dominion techs to be onsite to perform the patch.

When it comes to these sorts of things I don’t believe in coincidences.

Consider this. What if Dominion had code specifically designed to cause the name errors AFTER a specific date. This would create the need for Dominion techs to come in and “patch” the machines AFTER they were validated. I'm not sure how the state approved changes to the machines after validation. That's very sketch to me as well.

The paper printed from the machine has a QR code on it. The QR codes are NOT unique. YOU CAN SCAN THE SAME PRINTOUT MULTIPLE TIMES, without verifying the voter ID! The voter ID should follow the printout. Even a 1-dollar bill has a serial number on it!
Now you know why they don't want Republican poll watchers to watch the counting.
The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) released a statement, "There is no evidence that any voting system deleted or lost votes, changed votes, or was in any way compromised."

Multiple scanning of printouts can also account for the ridiculous 90% turnout in some areas of Wisconsin and Michigan.

This was not overlooked, the machines were designed this way on purpose.

How to stop this sort of fraud.

you ever wondered how the FDA can track tainted foods down to the farm, and the date they were packaged? They even know when and where they were shipped to.

I have worked in FDA regulated facilities. They require pretty much everything you do be documented. Changing a validated system after the fact is illegal. As well as falsifying data are illegal.

Here's a link to: CFR - Code of Federal Regulations Title 21. Keep in mind this is only: PART 11 ELECTRONIC RECORDS; ELECTRONIC SIGNATURES.

If you notice everything is very well thought out. There are controls in place to make sure that nobody can alter records, and if they try, there are methods by which it can be determined they have been tampered with. Why can't we have the same level of controls in place for voting? It's really not that complicated. Put controls in place that "keep people honest." It can be done.

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Mask Mandates And The Lockdown Lie

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The following states are locking down again --just in time for the holiday season! When it comes to the Democrats, I don't believe in coincidences.

1. Minnesota
2. Maryland
3. California
4. Iowa
5. Wisconsin
6. Utah
7. Rhode Island
8. Michigan
9. Connecticut
10. Massachusetts
11. Illinois
12. Colorado
13. Idaho
14. Florida
15. New York
16.New Jersey
17. Pennsylvania
18. Texas
19. Kentucky
20. Mississippi
21. Nebraska
22. New Mexico

So the question is why? We know that lockdowns are ineffective, mostly because the virus has been all over the world now since at least September of last year. So the question should be, why lock it down now?

After watching the news here lately it has become apparent that the Democrats want to try and pass another Corona Virus Relief Bill. That's code for Democrat slush fund.

But there's two things in the way. First there's the Republicans, tired of the slush funds, they'll block it if it's total pork. Then there's the fact that the economy is doing much better now. There's less need for a stimulus with things rebounding economically.

Most people are talking about diminishing freedoms, tyrannical rules instated by Democrats, cancel Thanksgiving and Christmas. While these things are all true, the reason behind it is not a power grab in the way you might think.

The reason for the lockdown measures is simple. Democrats need more economic disarray. Once the people in the lockdown states are squeezed economically, the Democrats will use the economic damage as leverage to blame Republicans for the Relief Bill not getting passed.

It's always the same with the Democrats. Create a crisis, then use that as leverage to get your way legislatively. They are killing two birds with one stone, making the Republicans look bad, and testing how much freedom they can grab in one swoop.

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