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Cleaning Your Vehicle's Throttle Plate is Easier Than You Thought

Permalink 03/25/24 19:25, by OGRE / (Jeff), Categories: Welcome, Background, In real life, On the web, History, U.S. Economy
I like to cover a large range of topics, only most of the time, they tend to be rather political in nature. However, this one is not. A little history first. I worked on cars for about 10 years before I went into a completely different industry. Duri… more »
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Pro-Vaxxer Trump IS Lining Up to Be The Vaccine "Colt Seavers"

Permalink 03/11/24 19:58, by OGRE / (Jeff), Categories: Welcome, News, Background, On the web, History, Politics, Health Care, Elections
The Beginning When reading this article, keep in mind that the influenza pandemic documents, and Executive Order 13887 of September 19, 2019 I'm referencing -- appear long before there was any talk of COVID-19 anywhere. However, the groundwork was be… more »
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Is A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) Coming for Your Job?

Permalink 03/03/24 12:17, by OGRE / (Jeff), Categories: Welcome, News, Background, In real life, History, Politics, Strange_News, U.S. Economy
A Little History I'll start with a little backstory. I grew up in Jacksonville Florida. Here in Jacksonville during the 90s and into the early 2000s, Jacksonville had a large population of people with face tattoos. These people would frequent places… more »
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Forget COVID-19, "Disease X" is The New Virus in Town

Permalink 03/02/24 14:30, by OGRE / (Jeff), Categories: Welcome, News, Background, In real life, On the web, History, Politics, Strange_News, U.S. Economy, Elections
What is Disease X For comparison, I will reference the most recently declared pandemic, COVID-19.Sure COVID-19 didn't turn out to be the world's most deadly virus BARDA was mentioned in the article, BARDA is part of the U.S. Department of Health and… more »
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I believe that for the United States of America to survive, we will have to get back to our roots.


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