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Perspective Means Everything COVID-19 Vaccines

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As it relates to COVID-19 vaccines, I would like people to look at these things in a much different context.

Consider what we now know. We know the COVID-19 vaccines didn't work, or at least they didn't work in the way they were marketed to work.

Also keep in mind that masks and lockdowns did absolutely nothing to flatten the curve, or reduce reported COVID-19 cases, this is well documented.

I've been watching a lot of Korean shows on Netflix lately, which made me wonder, how did things shake out in Korea during the COVID-19 scare? After a little research I found this article. As you read the following excerpts, keep in mind what we now know about the COVID-19 vaccines.

SEOUL — Less than three weeks after South Korea relaxed pandemic restrictions under a new living-with-covid policy, the country is experiencing a surge in coronavirus cases.

On Wednesday, the country reported a record 522 coronavirus patients hospitalized with moderate to serious symptoms requiring intensive care, intubation or oxygen to help with breathing. It tallied 3,187 new infections the same day, the second-highest daily figure since the start of the pandemic.

South Korea’s government began relaxing pandemic restrictions on Nov. 1 [2021], deeming that a sufficient proportion of the population had been vaccinated. South Korea has fully immunized close to 80 percent of its 52 million people, despite a later start than many other wealthy countries. Fewer than 10 countries have higher vaccination rates, Washington Post figures show.

Let's take a look at this, 80% of the Korean population have been fully vaccinated, and the vaccinations started later than they did in most wealthy countries. However, they are experiencing a surge in coronavirus cases?

The article is dated Nov 17, 2021 so it was 16-days after COVID restrictions were eased. That isn’t “less than three weeks,” that’s just over 2-weeks.

If 80% of the population is fully vaccinated, where did the surge come from? The vaccines were supposed to stop the spread.

Let's see how they try to explain this away. You'll see the glaring logical fallacy in this.

An Israeli study published in the New England Journal of Medicine last month showed that six months after receiving the second dose of the Pfizer-BioNTech coronavirus vaccine, people’s immune response to the coronavirus “substantially decreased,” especially among men, those age 65 or older and those with immunosuppressed conditions.

More than half of the vaccine doses administered in South Korea so far were of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine, although the country has also given out doses of the Moderna, Johnson & Johnson and AstraZeneca-Oxford vaccines.

Though daily deaths are rising, South Korea’s covid fatality rate is low — and has fallen from 2.4 percent in May 2020 to less than 0.8 percent now, according to Our World in Data. This, experts say, is partly due to its high vaccination rate.

“This does show that vaccines work,” said Kim, the infectious-disease doctor. “But this isn’t a cause for celebration. The whole point of vaccines is preventing deaths. The number of deaths is rising.”

These are all conflicting statements. After receiving a second dose of the Pfizer vaccine people's immune response was "substantially decreased?" Decreased in relation to what, below the baseline? Notice they don't say.

Daily deaths are rising, but it's not do to COVID-19, and this shows that vaccines work? Work how exactly?

If the daily death rate is rising, and it's not COVID-19 -- then what is causing the increase? Of course, they're not going to say vaccines. However, the only nation-wide event coinciding with increased deaths temporally -- was mass vaccination.

Knowing what we know now, it's easier to see how people who were skeptical early on, were correct in their assumptions -- something isn't right with all of this.

After a mass vaccination campaign in South Korea, coronavirus cases, and deaths are at record levels.

The entire COVID-19 vaccine operation was at best a scam, and at worst an intentional culling.

What do you think?

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