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Quick Thoughts About Trump, And The Swamp

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Trump won because conservatives were fed up with the Republican Party. Trump won because people knew that Washington was not working for them.

Conservatives were tired of Republicans eloquently telling them --what they were never actually going to do.

The left doesn't have this problem. The left can go further to the left and it's NOT going to hurt them. The Bernie Bros are never going to vote for a Republican, Libertarian, or Conservative.

Democrat representatives for the most part follow through with their promises. They aren't scared to push and push endlessly to try and get what THEY want (I emphasis “they” because their constituents usually don’t know what leftist goals truly entail). Democrat politicians don't have to worry about what they say and when. With the help of the media the Democrat base doesn't pay attention to what the Democrat politicians are SAYING only what they are ACTUALLY DOING.

The majority of Americans who vote for leftists actually live their own lives rather conservatively, they don't want their own small children watching R-Rated movies and men using the women's restroom. We all know that there is a very small minority of people who actually think that's a good idea.

The Republicans have the opposite problem. The Republican base DOES pay attention. Republican voters notice when people commit double-speak and start to contradict themselves. Because of this, Republicans are held to a much higher standard by their constituency. This is why the Republican Party needed Trump.

Trump suffered less from his contradictions because he actually accomplished things. Republicans forgave Trump for the things he said and didn’t do --because of the things that he DID do.

I experienced this when talking with a far-left person at work. He lives his life conservatively but voted for Joe Biden and always votes for leftist candidates. When arguing, he sounds like a conservative complaining about a leftist candidate only he's talking about Trump. He sees all of the contradictions that Trump has said over time and points them out --while I am focused on all of the things Trump has accomplished.

We’re arguing the exact same points from two different sides, BUT IN THE EXACT SAME WAY! I suppose it’s just human nature, but it brings me to my next point.

I don’t know if Trump thought all of this through and was truly playing “4D chess.” I don’t believe that. I believe it’s simpler than that. It’s keeping people focused on what you want them focused on. Directing their focus is how you get elected. Convincing enough people that what you are proposing will actually become reality. That’s where Republicans have failed for years now, largely because they haven’t been getting anything done. Even when they had the ability to do so. Republican voters called their bluff.

It's the same way Obama was elected. He had an incredible ability to convince people that he was onboard with what THEY were proposing, when in reality, he was never going to implement any of their ideas. He just made people feel comfortable that he would.

On the face of it, there is nothing overwhelmingly stirring about Sen. Obama. There is a cerebral quality to him, and an air of detachment. He has eloquence, but within bounds. After nearly two years on the trail, the audience can pretty much anticipate and recite his lines. The political genius of the man is that he is a blank slate. The devotees can project onto him what they wish. The coalition that has propelled his quest -- African-Americans and affluent white liberals -- has no economic coherence. But for the moment, there is the illusion of a common undertaking -- Canetti's feeling of equality within the crowd. The day after, the crowd will of course discover its own fissures. The affluent will have to pay for the programs promised the poor. The redistribution agenda that runs through Mr. Obama's vision is anathema to the Silicon Valley entrepreneurs and the hedge-fund managers now smitten with him. Their ethos is one of competition and the justice of the rewards that come with risk and effort. All this is shelved, as the devotees sustain the candidacy of a man whose public career has been a steady advocacy of reining in the market and organizing those who believe in entitlement and redistribution.

A creature of universities and churches and nonprofit institutions, the Illinois senator, with the blessing and acquiescence of his upscale supporters, has glided past these hard distinctions. On the face of it, it must be surmised that his affluent devotees are ready to foot the bill for the new order, or are convinced that after victory the old ways will endure, and that Mr. Obama will govern from the center. Ambiguity has been a powerful weapon of this gifted candidate: He has been different things to different people, and he was under no obligation to tell this coalition of a thousand discontents, and a thousand visions, the details of his political programs: redistribution for the poor, postracial absolution and "modernity" for the upper end of the scale.

It was no accident that the white working class was the last segment of the population to sign up for the Obama journey. Their hesitancy was not about race. They were men and women of practicality; they distrusted oratory, they could see through the falseness of the solidarity offered by this campaign. They did not have much, but believed in the legitimacy of what little they had acquired. They valued work and its rewards. They knew and heard of staggering wealth made by the Masters of the Universe, but held onto their faith in the outcomes that economic life decreed. The economic hurricane that struck America some weeks ago shook them to the core. They now seek protection, the shelter of the state, and the promise of social repair. The bonuses of the wizards who ran the great corporate entities had not bothered them. It was the spectacle of the work of the wizards melting before our eyes that unsettled them.

It's worth noting that that last paragraph was the group that Donald Trump attracted. It was because he said things without ambiguity.

Even if he didn't do everything he set out to do, he did do, what I consider to be the most important thing of all.

THE BIGGEST THING THAT TRUMP HAS ACCOMPLISHED IS TO PROVE THAT THE POLITICIANS IN WASHINGTON ARE LARGELY FRAUDS! Trump has been able to turn things around in just a few years, when Washington politicians have been complaining, and promising to fix them for as long as I can remember 30+ years. That's why he must go, and I believe that's why Republicans and Democrats would like to see him gone. The "Swamp" is flooded with politicians from both parties. The Swamp exists entirely on broken promises. Trump broke the first rule of The Swamp, actually getting things done.

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