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Christmas Lights and We The Sheeple

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Leftists cultivate failure. When you convince a huge swath of people that the majority of their problems are because of other people, or other people's actions; those who feel wronged often tend to wait on something to be done about it.

In come the Democrats/Leftists to save the day!

But that’s the dirty little secret. Democrats were never and are never going to do anything about the problems they claim other people are causing. What they are going to do is create a permanent group of people who are collectively chasing the same carrot. But it goes a level further than that. There is no carrot to be had. There’s only the illusion of one.

What I can’t figure out is why people keep chasing it?

But then I went looking at Christmas lights last night, and I think I know now how the Hope-Nosis works!

So, we went to go see the Christmas lights in a neighborhood in Jacksonville Florida. Little did we know that there was going to be CRAZY traffic. I could see if it took 30 minutes or so to get close to the neighborhood, but this was more like 2+ hours! Or at least it would have been.

If you look at the map below; I show the path that all of the people were taking to look at the Christmas lights. Everywhere along the red line, cars were literally stopped. People were getting out of their cars and walking down the road to see what was happening. They were all following each other.

I wasn't about to sit in traffic all night, the kids would be asleep before we even arrived to see the lights.

I told my wife and her friend that we can just drive down the middle lane a few hundred feet, it's a turn lane, but there's no cars there, because nobody was moving. We drove down the middle turn lane and went left, which got us around about 10 minutes of traffic (1). Then I immediately made a U-turn and went straight at the light. Now we had skipped all of the traffic and were on the road much closer to the lights.

Once on that road we were sitting again. So I decided to drive down the middle turn lane again, probably about 1 mile. This time I came up to where everyone was entering the neighborhood with the lights (2). People going right were making a circle through the neighborhood counter clockwise. But there was nobody going the other way? It's a two-lane road, so I said, "Screw this! We're going left and following it around clockwise." So we did. We were literally the only car going that way. We had nobody in front of us, and could cruise through the lights at our own pace. There was one point that a car was behind us, but it was someone that lived in that neighborhood.

These pictures were taken on the last leg of the ride, where there were people in front and behind us (5). Again we didn't try to turn right to get out to the main road (6). We went straight and then went left at the main road and made it out of the neighborhood in no time.

The moral of my overly descriptive story: I think that many people have been convinced it's better to just go along, or they are not willing to think outside the box. THERE ARE FAR TOO MANY FOLLOWERS living in the US right now.

Those people following the Democrat carrot, are the same people that sat in a line of cars for 2+ hours waiting to see Christmas lights. I'm not one of them!

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