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Democrats Want The Election Decided By The Courts --NOT The Voters!

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I believe this has been the plan all along. After all, Democrats can't count on the American public to vote the "right way." They need to give everyone a little push. Or a little burning or looting, then you might understand which way you should vote. But when that doesn't work. There's always the courts. I believe the plan is rather genius, but in an evil sense.

I believe the plan is as follows:

Stuff the ballot boxes for both sides. Consider; what if the Democrat operatives were to accomplish this. They would turn in more Biden ballots than there are registered voters in a district, but they would also turn in more Trump ballots than there are registered voters district. This would cause complete chaos. It might also cause a complete lack of confidence on the part of the electorate as a whole.

If there is rampant fraud on both sides, or the impression thereof, it would definitely end up in the courts. The courts are where the Democrats have a perceived advantage. Not because they are on the right side of the law, but because they have the Supreme Court wrapped up. If they can come up with an excuse to keep Amy Coney Barrett from being able to rule with regards to the election, they just might be able to get away with something. I believe that Justice Roberts is on their side (the Democrats) or they wouldn't push the issue.

Remember, Cory Booker let the cat out of the bag last week. Democrats won't do, or say anything unless there is some angle that might benefit them. People like Booker are very rarely off script. Why else would Booker mention Barrett? Then right after he mentions it news stories start popping up about how Barrett should recuse herself in relation to the election. Barrett would keep the decision from being swayed by Roberts.

That's what I think is going to play out.

What do you think!?

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Comment from: Ren Kylo [Visitor]
Ren KyloKinda. It’s not like we didn’t notice at all but we aren’t like the shjt bags who get paid to do nothing – both in government and on welfare AND THE ELITES. The average conservative patriot doesn’t have time to protest or riot or plot the destruction of actual enemies of the nation. We are stupidly taking care of our families, working hard and going to church, helping those in need, dealing with financial challenges etc. To quote the stoic philosopher: AINT NOBODY GOT TIME FO DAT! 🤬
BUT now They’ve done it. They’ve forced us to notice. They’ve REALLY pjssed us off. So how do WE organize without being labeled militant supremacy nuts or whatever? I have an idea: we put the ppl of color in our ranks in the leadership and public facing positions. Use their own rules against them. Serves two purposes: they can’t call us racist AND it attracts more of the non-whites to our cause. Maybe this is why we are seeing the Candace Owens and the Tim Scott type leaders emerging so rapidly on the right. Wesley Hunt outta Houston. MORE are needed! Let’s defeat them all while being politically correct and oh so “woke”.
10/24/20 @ 10:05

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