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Barack Obama and The Language Lie...

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Remember when Obama said, "Just words, just speeches..." Well that's an interesting way to look at things.

Obama is now saying more words, making more speeches. People are not paying close enough attention to exactly what he is saying.

Remember the health care debate? Obama, on many occasions, mentioned that Obamacare would help 46.3 million Americans who don't currently have health insurance. Then on September 9, 2009 Obama addressed Congress. That is where he said that Obamacare would help more than 30 million American citizens who don't have coverage. I don't think that many people caught onto the fact that he mentioned two separate numbers. but those numbers are from a US Census report. Check page 28 under Nativity, you will find the subheading "Not a citizen" and a value of 9.7 million.

Paying close attention there is another Language Lie in Obama's Address Accepting the Presidential Nomination at the Democratic National Convention in Denver: "The American Promise" During this address Obama said, "But I will also go through the federal budget, line by line, eliminating programs that no longer work and making the ones we do need work better and cost less – because we cannot meet twenty-first century challenges with a twentieth century bureaucracy." Again Obama has pulled a fast one. Most people are not aware of this fact, but the US Government has not passed a budget in what is now:

Because of this; Obama has not gone line by line through the federal budget --because there hasn't been one.

Then we come around to health care; there was mention of a "public option" government health insurance which would lead to socialized medicine (private insurance would not be able to compete, government monopoly...) Because socialized medicine polls negatively, they went with "single payer option". They aren't going to call their socialized medicine plan by any name that correctly identifies it. It speaks volumes when people have go this far to avoid the truth under the guise of helping people.

It is an art to lie to people and make them feel comfortable about it. You have to state things with such specificity as to never be pinned down by the truth. These are just two examples. Pay close attention to what Obama actually says and I bet you'll find quite a few more Language Lies hidden in the details.

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