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The G20, Vaccine Passports, and Social Credit Systems, We Know Where This Leads

Permalink 11/21/22 18:14, by OGRE / (Jeff), Categories: Welcome, News, Background, In real life, On the web, History, Politics, Strange_News, U.S. Economy, Financial Reform Legislation, Elections
As they say, "It always starts small." As was the case with vaccine passports, they were just a consideration last I heard. However, the idea of a healthcare passport system has grown quite substantially -- outside of public view, with the help of Weste… more »

Twitter's Importance Has Been Elevated Since Elon Musk's Purchase

Permalink 11/13/22 08:12, by OGRE / (Jeff), Categories: News, Background, Fun, In real life, On the web, Politics, Strange_News
Twitter is being treated like some kind of sacred historical archive -- now that Elon Musk has purchased it. Before that Twitter was just Twitter. People posting videos, chatting, arguing, but nothing of significant "need." But that has all changed. The… more »
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The Leftist Media is Losing

Permalink 08/24/22 22:08, by OGRE / (Jeff), Categories: Welcome, News, Background, In real life, Politics, U.S. Economy
News papers are a thing of the past. Many once "printed" news publications have mostly transitioned to the internet to sell their content. These news outlets are putting up paywalls in an attempt to stay afloat. Such as: New York Times Washington… more »

COVID-19 - Wuhan Lab - and What's Next? Nipah, That's What's Next!

Permalink 08/09/22 22:29, by OGRE / (Jeff), Categories: Welcome, News, Background, Politics, Strange_News
Then there's this story. A new type of animal-derived Henipavirus (also named Langya henipavirus, LayV) that can infect humans has been found in East China's Shandong Province and Central China's Henan Province, and has so far infected 35 people in t… more »
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US Government to Spend Millions of Dollars to Promote Atheism?

Permalink 07/25/22 23:42, by OGRE / (Jeff), Categories: Welcome, News, Background, In real life, On the web, History, Politics, Strange_News
I know this idea appears completely absurd to most people. That's probably because they haven't seen this video. In this video they are talking about genetic manipulation through vaccines -- to stop people from becoming religious fanatics! This is not a… more »
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